Thursday, April 14, 2011


Fam-Fit will be on hiatus (or on a very fractured schedule) for the week of April 10-17 for prom preparations.  I have come up with a ladder climb exercise that was a fun workout on Monday night while tying S-hooks to the drop ceiling frame at the school.  Why am I tying S-hooks with 30 lb. test line to the drop ceiling frames at the school?  Well, to build a black plastic sheet walled hallway, of course.
Did I mention I LOVE prom?  I can answer that...NO, I have never even once uttered the words "I love prom"  without anything but completely smart-ass intent.
Step Ladder 
1. Pick up step ladder and walk rapidly 10-20 yards.
2. Set down step ladder on level surface.
3. Step up R-L-R then step down.
4. Step up L-R-L then step down.
5. Go to Step 1.
-Work for a set continuous time or for a set number of ladder moves.

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