Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thanks for the video, McIntosh!

#58 Luke McIntosh (CCCHS Bubba Lineman, Center, 2003-2006) sent this video link to me the other day. Luke was one of the many undersized offensive lineman we had over the years. But the kid had a motor like no other, he refused to get beat like no other and he was intelligent. He and Matt James were two extremely intelligent linemen who constantly challenged me as a coach to make blocking "logical" and "fit". I liked the smart lineman, not necessarily book smart, but lineman smart. They made me a better coach. They made me design blocking schemes that were simple enough for a third grader to understand, but exquisite enough to give an athletic, undersized offensive line (like us) a distinct advantage. They forced me to rethink traditional strength and condition, they forced me to design programs that turned their smaller bodies into weapons. Man, that was fun!

Thanks, McIntosh! I would like to say I have never used any of these excuses, but I have used more than my share. I would like to say I have never heard any of these excuses, but I have heard more than my share.

Video Link: Matt Scott, Nike "NO EXCUSES" commercial

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