Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday May 17, 2010

One Lonely Dumbbell
10 Reps Single Leg Dumbbell Snatch (5R and 5L)
10 Dumbbell Rotation Snatch (5R and 5L)
10 Dumbbell Swing
10 Goblet Squat
-4 Rounds

Note: In November of 2008, when I bought my squat rack, GH machine, cheap-ass row machine, etc. from a Larned State Hospital online auction, it came with a red milk crate of about two dozen 1 lb. hex dumbbells and one, but only one, 20 lbs. hex dumbbell. This seemed odd, but I went with it (the whole shabang only cost $22.50 in the auction, so I didn't complain too much).
Now, I am dedicating a workout to the Lonely Dumbbell. God bless you, my friend and someday may a certain tightwad splurge to buy you a partner.

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